The most difficult thing in a long distance relationship is simply the distance.

I have been so upset these last few days with everything going on in my life. I want nothing more than to reach out and hold Josh. Just be there with him knowing that everything will be okay.

Soon I will see him again… 😘 I love you Josh! justj0shing

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This is so cool. You normally only see lightning for a split second and it’s gone, but since this is looped, we see the beauty over and over

The more you look at it the cooler it is
100 reasons why I love Joshua! :)


So during our arguments last week, Josh proposed that we make each other something that shows how much we love one another. I worked on this list and hand wrote each one on note cards and mailed them to him. :) I just wanted to share the list so everyone knows what an amazing guy I have. <3

You’re too sweet!!!


æ ♥

Crying so hard I can’t breathe


Boy oh Boys.